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I am an architect..alhamdulillah for all gifts from God Ya Allah..I wanna go far..far away..wif my love ones.. memerhati, menganalisa dan memahami. learn from d past.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy :)

it start with bad things..but it end with happy2 things.. :)

dpt besama tecinta..dpt tgk transformers (walaupn xdpt tgk dr awl)...dpt bli tudung2 baru n murah2..best..tp kalo ada duit byk lg beh..heheee..xsbr nk keje...yg..keje cpt2..nk tu, nk ni..hkhk...

hope there will b more sweet2 & happy2 things wif u.. :)

p/s: thank u syg.. :)

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