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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 mitos mengenai orang french


just want to share wif u guys, since aku adalah seorang pelajar bahasa french (walaupn x terer mane pn, heh..) so this is 10 myths about french people..so it's a myth ya..

1. The French are rude
2. French people hate American
3. French people are Stink
4. French women don't shave (eww)
5. All women go topless at French beaches
6. Visiting France is too expensive
7. All french people smoke cigarettes
8. A France vacation only appeals to women
9. You must speak fluent French to visit France
10. French toilets are disgusting

ermm...nnt kalo pegi france, bleh la tgk betul ke ianya sekadar mitos atau sbnrnya realiti..


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